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Experimental KDE3 debs -- first impressions


I apt-got the experimental debs as per <http://calc.cx/kde.txt>. The
installation went rather smoothly after the KDE2 packages had been
removed. So at least with the debs, the two won't co-exist, but that
was clear from the document already.

After initial installation, the only thing conflicting seriously is
libarts1 vs. libarts. Without using --force-*, the two won't co-exist,
which means that quite a few non-kde packages that depend on libarts
need to go, e.g. wine and xmms-arts.

KDE3 in itself seems very stable. Konq seems faster than before, and
with the Connectiva Crystal icon set, the desktop induces serious
visual drool.

So, thus far, I am happy. Kudos to Chris for the packaging effort. In
my opinion, the Debian packages for KDE3 are more than ready to hit


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