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Re: i-touch key shortcut

> Hi folks,
> do you know how to bind in KDE3 internet keys on my
> keyboard with some actions, eg. "start konqueror"...
> I saw that KDE recognizes the keys, but I can bind them
> only with actions like "switch to another desktop"...
> Thanks
> Tom

I 've got my hotkeys to work like this:

Use xev (X utility program) to find out the keycodes of those hotkeys. Next,
edit .Xmodmap in your $HOME as follows:

keycode xxx = Fyy where 'Fyy' is a non-existing key on your keyboard (e.g.

Make sure KDE is NOT using it's own keyboard-maps: KControl -> Keyboard

There is some simple way to make X to re-read your .Xmodmap-file but I
forgot how so restart X.

When configuring shortcuts in KDE all Fyy hotkeys should be avaiable.



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