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Re: KDE 3 Update -- Please

On Thu, 9 May 2002, Doug Holland wrote:

> No offense, but is it really a good idea to hold off on official KDE 3 until
> XFree86 4.2?  From what I hear, the Debian priesthood hasn't even begun to
> debianize X 4.2, and that it will require oodles of hacking & debugging
> before it is considered ready for the Debian masses.  KDE 3 does not require
> X 4.2, why wait for it?

I'm not an expert on this (it just happened to me and I put up with it
:-)), but I'm aware of a bug in the antialiased fonts in 4.1, where, if
you're running KDE3, you have to disable some of the optimisations in
kdeinit to make AA fonts actually appear.  This bug goes away with 4.2.

Giles Constant, Systems Programmer
Hyperlink Interactive

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