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RE: status of KDE PIM software

Thomas E. Vaughan <tevaugha@ball.com> wrote:

I recently figured out how to get evolution (GNOME) to work with my
USB Handspring Visor, and I am thinking of moving over to evolution from
mutt because our company will soon have Exchange 2000 servers, which can
talk with the proprietary Ximian Connector plugin for evolution.  Then I
would not only be hooked into the e-mail system, but be hooked into the
appointment stuff as well.

Still, I like to use the KDE environment rather than the GNOME
environment, and so I am wondering what the status of the KDE
equivalents is.  I just installed the experimental KDE-3.0.1 debs.  Does
anybody know if there is a chance to get kmail to use NTLM for IMAP? Right now, fetchmail is the only free tool that I have found to talk
NTLM so that our Microsoft IMAP server will let me in.  Also, does KDE
play nicely with the Palm-type PDA?  I can easily use either j-pilot or
the GNOME conduits to synch with my PDA, but I have had trouble figuring
out just what to do under KDE.

I don't know about the status of a KDE PIM, but if Evolution suits your needs, why don't you run it from the KDE environment?? Unless your version absolutely requires GNOME for some reason that I am not aware of, it should run under KDE. GNOME and KDE have been working at getting their apps to run under either environment for over a year now, and most that I have tested out here do so.

I have installed the Evolution version from Debian here and I can access it from KDE 2.2.2 just fine. It is on the menu under "Applications" --> "Debian" --> "Net". Althought I have not tested it extensively, it appears to work fine here.

Just a thought...

-Don Spoon-

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