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Re: libarts depencies

On Wednesday 22 May 09:06, Jan Torben Heuer wrote:
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> Hi (hope it's the right group, but arts should be kde-related, or?)
> is there a way to fix the libarts depencies? I installed KDE3 and the new
> arts deamon and libs, however for example libsdl or wine requieres the
> older libarts (2.2.2). Are there wrong depencies or do they defnetly don't
> work with KDE3' artsd?

I got around the wine problem by downloading codeweavers wine (unfortunately 
only rpm) and doing rpm -i with it, then going to 
/usr/src/rpm/SOURCES/codeweavers-wine-20020411/  and compiling it. 
Works fine so far.

(I'm using kde 3.0.1)

all the best,

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