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Re: Configuration of Kmail

Am Montag, 6. Mai 2002 20:34 schrieb Roland Wegmann:
> Hello
> as you can see I am a gmx user. Therefore I will configurate my gmx-pop-
> accounts. I already can download the emails from pop.gmx.net, but I
> cannot send emails via the smtp-sever of gmx (mail.gmx.net). I always get
> an error message. Does someone of you have managed to use kmail in
> combination with gmx.net?

Yes I do! :-)

As someone else already pointed out, the smtp of gmx is not accepting
mails which come from non-gmx mail-accounts. So if you use different
identities in kmail, be sure to use the gmx-address in the from field.
Second, gmx has different ways of assuring that nobody abuses _your_
gmx-account. As long as the kmail version in debian does not support
smtp-auth you can use one of the other options (see your configuration on the 
gmx web page). I currently use the option where sending your emails is
allowed within a 30-min timewindow _after_ you have chacked your pop-account.
(Please click on --> Hilfe on the main gmx webpage for further information).

If you want to be sure you only send messages after you have checked 
for email you can set kmail to store your written mails in the folder outbox 
"Postausgang" and check in the settings under misc (Verschiedenes) the option:
folder (Ordner): send messages in outbox after checking for new mails 
(Nachrichten im Postausgang bei Abholung versenden).

Have fun,


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