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Re: multiple X sessions

On Monday 06 May 2002 03:35 pm, Gabor Gludovatz wrote:
> The perfect solution would be (as in WinXP...) to start only one X server,
> and when you lock your screen (you leave your computer) other users could
> login as well, without touching your existing session. And with a key
> combination you could change among the running sessions after having
> yourself reauthenticated.

If that is the way you want to run things, you could always put a mix of VNC 
and X on your box.  Have a "login manager" that works much like the chooser 
for X that selects VNC sessions, have the vnc client running in full screen 
mode so it would appear to be the local host. Since VNC is open source, it 
wouldnt take too many modifications to the client to do that.


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