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RE: status of KDE PIM software

On Sun, 2002-05-26 at 04:24, Donald R. Spoon wrote:
> I don't know about the status of a KDE PIM, but if Evolution suits your 
> needs, why don't you run it from the KDE environment??  Unless your 
> version absolutely requires GNOME for some reason that I am not aware 
> of, it should run under KDE.  GNOME and KDE have been working at getting 
> their apps to run under either environment for over a year now, and most 
> that I have tested out here do so.

FWIW, I am typing this reply in Evolution running on KDE 3.0.1.  The
only "issue" I can see is that the GNOME configuration must be set
independently of the KDE configuration.  That means things such as
fonts, URL handlers, etc., must be configured separately for each
environment.  No big deal since these are things one typically
configures once only.


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