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Re: Experimental KDE3 debs -- first impressions

On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 09:49:59PM +1000, Mark Purcell wrote:
> The instructions located at http://calc.cx/kde.txt expressly state that you 
> should NEVER use --force stating that if you do 'you are likely to 
> permanentaly break your system requiring a full reinstall'.
> There is a good reason for this, if dpkg is telling you there is a conflict 
> between packages you had better believe it!!   If dpkg is reporting a 
> conflict the 'safe' option is to purge the installed conflicting package and 
> then reattempt installation. As pointed out elsewhere this maywell mean that 
> you will also be forced to uninstall other related packages such as xmms or 
> other KDE packages, but such is life on the bleeding edge.
> Remember these packages have not yet been integrated to provide a smooth 
> upgrade path from the Debian KDE2 packages to Debian KDE3 packages.  The 
> smooth upgrade should (will) be provided by the Debian KDE3 packages when 
> they are offically included in the Debian distribution. Until then these 
> packages which you are installing are not guarenteed to upgrade from KDE2 
> smoothly.  Hence the instructions to purge all kdelibs3 and libarts packages 
> before you even attempt installation.

Exactly, I guarantee that you can not upgrade from KDE2 to the current
debs since they have no (or very few) conflicts in the control file.  I
am adding as many as I know about in my 3rd set of debs that I am
working on currently.  I will not upload debs into sid until I am
reasonably sure that I have taken care of all the upgrade issues.


Chris Cheney

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