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KDE3 debs -- No jpegs can be displayed

Hi all,

I have installed the inofficial KDE3 from geniussystems on my woody

Before that I used KDE222 without problems.

But now I have a Problem with Jpeg Images.

In every Preview-Window (e.g. OpenFile Dialog) I only get the
"BrokenFile" Icon.

Its not possible to use a jpeg as Background image.
kview also is not able to display jpegs.

But: Konqueror does!

Has anyone an Idea?
Any Hints?

homer:~# dpkg -l|grep -E "^??  k"
ii  kaddressbook   3.0.1-0        KDE Address Book
ii  kappfinder     3.0.1-0        KDE Application Finder
ii  kate           3.0.1-0        KDE Advanced Text Editor
ii  kate-plugins   2.2.2-4        plugins for Kate, the KDE text editor
ii  kbugbuster     3.0.1-1        a front end for the KDE bug tracking system
ii  kcalc          3.0.1-0        KDE calculator
ii  kcmlinuz       3.0.1-0        KDE Frontend for the Linux kernel configurat
ii  kcontrol       3.0.1-0        KDE Control Center
ii  kcron          3.0.1-0        KDE Crontab editor
ii  kdat           3.0.1-0        KDE tape backup tool
ii  kdcop          3.0.1-0        KDE DCOP Browser
ii  kde-i18n-de    3.0.1-0        German i18n files for KDE
ii  kdeadmin       3.0.1-0        KDE Administration tools metapackage
ii  kdeartwork-scr 3.0.1-1        screen savers released with KDE
ii  kdebase        3.0.1-0        <insert up to 60 chars description>
ii  kdebase4-bin   3.0.1-0        KDE Base (binaries)
ii  kdebase4-data  3.0.1-0        KDE Base (shared data)
ii  kdebugdialog   3.0.1-0        KDE Debug Settings
ii  kdelibs        3.0.1-0        KDE core libraries metapackage
ii  kdelibs4       3.0.1-0        KDE core libraries
ii  kdelibs4-bin   3.0.1-0        KDE core binaries
ii  kdelibs4-data  3.0.1-0        KDE core shared data
ii  kdeprint       3.0.1-0        KDE Print
ii  kdesktop       3.0.1-0        KDE Desktop
ii  kdm            3.0.1-0        KDE Display Manager
ii  kedit          3.0.1-0        KDE text editor
ii  kernel-package 7.107          Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.
ii  kernel-source- 2.4.14-1       Linux kernel source for version 2.4.14
ii  kfile-audio-pl 3.0.1-0        m3u/mp3/ogg plugins for kfile
ii  kfind          3.0.1-0        KDE File Find Utility
ii  khelpcenter    3.0.1-0        KDE Help Center
ii  khotkeys       3.0.1-0        KDE HotKeys
ii  kicker         3.0.1-0        KDE Desktop Panel
ii  kioslave       3.0.1-0        KDE I/O Slaves
ii  klipper        3.0.1-0        KDE Clipboard
ii  klogd          1.4.1-10       Kernel Logging Daemon
ii  kmenuedit      3.0.1-0        KDE Menu Editor
ii  kmix           3.0.1-0        KDE based mixer app
ii  knewsticker    3.0.1-0        KDE news ticker
ii  konqueror      3.0.1-0        KDE's advanced File Manager, Web Browser and
ii  konqueror-nspl 3.0.1-0        Netscape plugin support for Konqueror
ii  konsole        3.0.1-0        KDE X terminal emulator
rc  korganizer     2.2.2-5        Personal organizer based on Qt and KDE
ii  kpackage       3.0.1-0        KDE Software package tool
ii  kpager         3.0.1-0        KDE Desktop Pager
ii  kpersonalizer  3.0.1-0        KDE Personalizer
rc  kpilot         2.2.2-5        Palm Pilot sync tool for KDE
ii  kscd           3.0.1-0        KDE based cd player
ii  kscreensaver   3.0.1-0        KDE Screensavers
ii  ksmserver      3.0.1-0        KDE Session Manager
ii  ksplash        3.0.1-0        KDE Splash Screen
ii  ksymoops       2.4.5-1        Linux kernel oops and error message decoder
ii  ksysguard      3.0.1-0        KDE System Guard
ii  ksysv          3.0.1-0        KDE SysV-style init configuration editor
ii  ktip           3.0.1-0        Kandalf's Useful Tips
ii  kuser          3.0.1-0        KDE user/group administration tool
ii  kview          3.0.1-0        A simple image viewer/converter for KDE.
ii  kwin           3.0.1-0        KDE Window Manager
ii  kwuftpd        3.0.1-0        KDE wu-ftpd configuration tool
ii  kxkb           3.0.1-0        KDE X Keyboard

homer:~# dpkg -l|grep jpeg
ii  avifile-mjpeg- MJPEG video plugin
ii  libjpeg62      6b-5           The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime li
ii  libjpeg62-dev  6b-5           Development files for the IJG JPEG library

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