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Re: libarts depencies

> I got around the wine problem by downloading codeweavers wine
> (unfortunately only rpm) and doing rpm -i with it, then going to
> /usr/src/rpm/SOURCES/codeweavers-wine-20020411/  and compiling it.
> Works fine so far.

My solution was to make a dummy debian package with dpkg-deb:

> mkdir -p libarts-dummy/DEBIAN
> joe libarts-dummy/DEBIAN/control

   Package: libarts
   Version: 4:2.2.2-1
   Section: contrib/editors
   Priority: optional
   Architecture: i386
   Depends: debconf (>= 0.2.17)
   Maintainer: Jarno Elonen <elonen@iki.fi>
   Description: A dummy package that replaces libarts
    A dummy package that replaces libarts

> dpkg-deb -b libarts-dummy
> dpkg -i libarts-dummy.deb

- Jarno

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