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Re: Which QT?

> I've been toying with the 'best' method of compiling KDE3 on woody lately,
> and in the interests of lazyness I'm wondering whether it's a good idea to
> use woodys qt3 packages.

It's quite easy to compile on woody.

> Everything (almost) has compiled fine using those, seems very stable. If I
> were to have compiled qt3 myself though, could I expect any noticable leaps
> in performance? Any qt specific optimizations I could/should use?

I don't know.

> There was one niggle taking this shortcut, kdegraphics won't compile. It
> requires imlib, imlib requires an older version libpng whose -dev package
> conflicts with the libpng-dev package that qt3 wants, in short imlib and qt3
> dev files won't coexist, I can't compile kdegraphics. Should I just forget
> about this and start over with a custom built qt3 perhaps like I should have
> done the first time around?



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