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Re: Configuration of Kmail (with error message)

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>On Monday 06 May 2002 7:34 pm, Roland Wegmann wrote:
>> as you can see I am a gmx user. Therefore I will configurate my gmx-pop-
>> accounts. I already can download the emails from pop.gmx.net, but I
>> cannot send emails via the smtp-sever of gmx (mail.gmx.net). I always get
>> an error message. Does someone of you have managed to use kmail in
>> combination with gmx.net?
>What's the error message?
Sending failed / a SMTP error occured / Command: MAIL / Response:
552(mp009-rz3) / Cannot resolve your domain / Transport protocol: smtp://
>What version of KMail?
It is the version that was in the official debian testing distribution
three or four days ago
>It's quite possible that GMX uses smtp-auth which older versions of KMail do 
>not support.
can i install a new version of kmail into the environment of the official
testing kde version? and how?
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Thanks a lot for your comments
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Thanks in advance for helping me

Roland Wegmann

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