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Re: Experimental KDE3 debs -- first impressions


Just installed KDE3 from Calc's experimental packages - and it works very well 
indeed! Thank you!

Here are some (minor) problems I bumped into:

 + kdebase-doc and konqueror contain same files => had to remove
   kdebase-doc before I could install konqueror

 + same thing with kwallpapers and kdebase-data

 + had to issue "apg-get install" kdelibs and kdebase multiple times
   before everything got installed ok. I think, though, that this
   was mostly because of the two conflicts above.

 + kdm installer started kdm automatically => login manager popped up
   and dpkg stuck in waiting state; had to kill kdm from console to allow
   dpkg finish its job

- Jarno

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