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Xinerama not recognized by KDE


I'm using woody with KDE 2.2.2. I have configured XFree86 Version to work with two Graphiccards in "Xinerama-Mode". After
installing the latest kdelibs3 with apt-get I tried to use it with KDE 
but unfortunately it didn't Work. 
After starting kdm I have the login Window on one Monitor and the other
Monitor only shows a naked X. After logging in KDE is started on the one
screen. On the other screen appears a second KDE window. I can use the
mice and the keyboard on both Monitors but each Monitor seems to show a
single Session. It is not possible to Move Windows from one Monitor to
the other. I can configure each Monitor (kicker, background, wallpaper,
etc.) But I am logged in as the same user. I didn't see or use Xinerama
on KDE before but I think that's not the right behaviour?!

The other problem is that I can't use the Option "activate Xinerama" in
"Window Behaviour". That means I can see the Options, but I can't use

Are there some other Options that have to be activated?

Are there some Hardwarelimitations? the second Graphiccard is running
with a "vesa" Driver 'cause I didn't find a s3-Driver in XFree86

Thanks for all Answers and/or Hints where I can find the Answer.


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