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environment variables + aliases

Having compiled kde3 on woody, playing around and generally being thoroughly 
impressed, I have a question that I don't seem to be able to find answers to 
anywhere else, so thought I'd ask here.

environment variables and aliases = kde (started via startkde) doesn't seem to 
preserve existing aliases defined in /etc/profile, or execute /etc/profile 
again, which is annoying. It does, however, set up one of it's own - ls='ls 
--color=auto' and LS_COLORS environment variable among others which I'd like 
to alter, and add a couple more aliases,  but I *cannot* seem to work out 
where the hell it's doing this. Any ideas?

Just while I remember there's another thing I can't find a solid answer to as 
well, whats the difference between entering the path to truetype/type1 fonts 
in XF86Config and XftConfig ? KDE seems to use them whichever file they're 
in, and do font smoothing, while any other traditional wm is only aware of 
TTF's if I enter them into XF86Config. What gives? Whats XftConfig file all 
about? Should the font paths be in both? I did note things look a little 
better entering the truetype path in XF86Config at the beginning... and 
removing the two :unscaled lines as I read wasnt needed in 4.x, uh, somewhere 


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