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WAS kmail socket--Re: Automatic responses to mails sent to debian-kde@lists.debian.org

On Friday 31 May 2002 02:10 pm, Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:
> Am Freitag, 31. Mai 2002 22:49 schrieb Fred K Ollinger:
> > I agree. This is unethical. So is sending spam. I suggest that one would
> > send two copies of spam back for each copy recieved. This is not as
> > unethical b/c one was spammed and one is only returning the favor. If the
> > spammer is manually sending out emails and gets a few replies back then
> > this won't cause any trouble. But if one sends out unsolicited mail to a
> > few million people and they get a few million back then they get what
> > they dished out, tit for tat. If you are the only one sending mail back
> > then
>               ^^^^^^^^^^^
> The problem is, that you can never be sure whether your "retribution" will
> actually hit the right person. So you might fry some poor sys admin
> who has enough trouble with his clueless users anyway ;-).
> So apparently <alexander@wizard.koenig.su> has subscribed to the mailing
> list and has set up some smart-ass filter tool that blocks traffic from
> the mailing list produces these silly automatic responses...
> In this case the best solution would be for some list admin to remove
> 	<alexander@wizard.koenig.su>
> from the mailing list.

i just checked the mail headers and followed up on the one seemingly sensible 
ip address in there. it's forged and belongs to the baltnet.ru domain. 
there's no whois entry for koenig.su while google returns a multitude of 
russian language pages.

curiouser and curiouser.....

actually, it kinda feels like the monkeys and typewriters thing, like in a 
hundred years he might get half a clue.


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