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Adding Menu entries to kdms login window (restarting with different X -layout xxx)


For presentations with beamers that have a smaller xmax,ymax than the
TFT of the laptop it would be nice to start the Xserver with xmax,ymax of the

As a hack I configured kdm/Xservers to run X with different xmax,ymax
on vt7-10.  What a waste of resources 99.9% of the time ;)

Does anyone know how to add entries to menu 'Menu' or creating a new
menu 'Layout' to kdms login window?  E.g.

		Restart X Server
		Use 1600x1200		# i.e. kill X and run X -layout 'Use 1600x1200'
		Use 1280x1024
		Use 1024x768

Other ideas how restart X server with different options from kdm?

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