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Re: KDE and Debian Packages

On Saturday 11 May 2002 04:12, David Findlay wrote:
> The KDE team release packages for Mandrake, Suse, Redhat, etc. Why don't
> they release packages for Debian? They can't possibly be much harder to
> release than ones for other distro's. What's the reason they don't? Thanks,

Three rules to follow:
1. The KDE team releases source tarballs.
2. The KDE team releases source tarballs.
3. The KDE team releases source tarballs.

Packagers are given FTP space to upload their packages. As Debian is a 
volunteer-driven project, and had several troubles (including maintainer 
changes) for all KDE-related stuff, it took longer than it should have taken.
Now that experimental packages are available, testing them is the most 
important thing to do.
See that KDE 3.0.1 debs are done before 3.0.1 is even officially released - it 
is very likely that in the future, Debian is mentioned among the other 
distributors for binary convenience packages.


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