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KMail "precommand"

I have been trying to set up ssh tunneling for my POP accounts, and have had 
no success as of yet.   On KDE3 I can use the precommand

ssh -f -x -L1100: user@mailhost "sleep 15 && exit"

with the host field set to localhost and port to 1100. And that works great 
(the sleep is to allow enough time for KMail to open the connection before it 
closes).  But when I try the same thing on KDE2.2.2 (Kmail 1.3.2) it fails, 
saying it cannot connect to localhost.  Is this a bug in the older Kmail 
clients or is the behavior different?  Does anyone know if Kmail's precommand 
requires an interactive session or if backgrounding ssh is the proper thing 
to do?


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