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Re: KDE 3 Update -- Please

On Thursday 09 May 2002 10:43 am, Robert Tilley wrote:
> I know that we're supposed to wait until XFree86 4.2 first appears for
> Debian before asking about KDE 3.  Too bad.
> May 2, May 3, May 4, and May 5 (You get the idea) have passed and still no
> information on either of those packages is available -- at least to me.
> No, I don't have the expertise to package software for Debian nor the time.
> I am only looking for a hint about when The Day of Release might occur.

No offense, but is it really a good idea to hold off on official KDE 3 until 
XFree86 4.2?  From what I hear, the Debian priesthood hasn't even begun to 
debianize X 4.2, and that it will require oodles of hacking & debugging 
before it is considered ready for the Debian masses.  KDE 3 does not require 
X 4.2, why wait for it?

"I summon the unholy demons of Apathy, Sarcasm and Cynicism!!!" - Wally

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