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Packaging kdebindings for debian


The debian packagers have been having problems packaging kdebindings from 
either kde3.0.1 or cvs.  Chris Cheney has attempted the package but as you 
can see (http://calc.cx/kde.txt) it has not worked.  Numerous problems with 
both the Makefiles and source errors from most of the subprojects have been 
reported.  For instance when building the qtc library a linking error occurs:

<alp> linking problem
<alp> compiles fine.
<alp> .libs/qt_QCDEStyle.o(.gnu.linkonce.t.__tf15QCDEStyleBridge+0x29): 
undefined reference to `QCDEStyle type_info node'
<alp> .libs/qt_QCDEStyle.o: In function 
<alp> .libs/qt_QCDEStyle.o(.gnu.linkonce.t._._15QCDEStyleBridge+0x28): 
undefined reference to `QCDEStyle::~QCDEStyle(void)'
<alp> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
<alp> make[2]: *** [libqtc.la.closure] Error 1

However, the linking works when the styles are removed from the build.  It 
would beneficial if the packagers and developers would work together to solve 
these problems as kdebindings is the last package for debian-kde.

Also, it would be good to note which bindings are supposed to work and which 
should be excluded from the package.  For instance I know that qtcsharp, as 
currently constituted in cvs, is _not_ ready for packaging.


Adam Treat

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