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Re: Fwd: RE: kmail socket

> On Fri, 31 May 2002 21:48, Jay Kline wrote:
> > To flood someone with email dosnt require special software.  You just need
> > 2 mail servers (or one broken one).  Set up an account that forwards the
> > email to him, and to an account on the other server. That account forwards
> > the mail to him and to the other account.  These nasty little mail loops
> > can kill servers, so many of them have mechanisms to stop it from getting

I agree. This is unethical. So is sending spam. I suggest that one would
send two copies of spam back for each copy recieved. This is not as
unethical b/c one was spammed and one is only returning the favor. If the
spammer is manually sending out emails and gets a few replies back then
this won't cause any trouble. But if one sends out unsolicited mail to a
few million people and they get a few million back then they get what they
dished out, tit for tat. If you are the only one sending mail back then
it's not that much of a problem for other people so you are taking the law
into your own hands.

BTW, I thought, 'going postal' had a few meaning all of which could be
true and thus it created a pun which made a very good feeling in my mind.


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