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Where are the debian KDE3 sources?

I'm considering building KDE3, and just got a bunch of it from CVS at
kde.org.  I did this partly because the unofficial debs were debs
only, no sources that I saw (at

So I have a couple of questions.

Where are the current debian sources for KDE3?

Would trying to apply the diff's from Debian (official or not) to the
head of the kde.org tree be a good idea or not?

Is there any particular harm in just following the KDE instructions
for building a trial installation, without worrying about the debian stuff?

By the way, I'm also interested in how these issues might play out for
other packages, but since I'm focussing on KDE now I thought I'd ask
here.  If you can cc me on the response I'd appreciate it, since I'm
only reading the list via the web archives.

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