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Re: KDE 3.0.1 debs

In message <20020524194505.GA25529@cheney.cx>, Chris Cheney writes:
>I have uploaded KDE 3.0.1 debs to kde3.geniussystems.net you can join
>OPN #debian-kde to discuss any issues you have. These debs should
>upgrade from KDE 2.2.2 but you will probably have to use a package
>management program like dselect or aptitude.

Thanks very much, Chris, great work!

Sorry if I'm being thick, but I can't see how to install them though.  Can't 
use apt without a sources.list line (unless I'm too dim to realise what it 
should be) and dpkg seems to have problems with dependency resolution 
(escaped from DeadRat to get away from that sort of thing!)

Can someone take pity and set me aright here please?



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