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kmail socket

When reading gpg signed email in kmail on SE Linux I am seeing messages such 
as the following:
May 27 22:32:54 lyta kernel: avc:  denied  { read write } for  pid=26638 
exe=/usr/bin/gpg path=socket:[519039] dev=00:00 ino=519039 
scontext=rjc:user_r:user_gpg_t tcontext=rjc:user_r:user_t tclass=udp_socket

This indicates that gpg has inherited a file handle from kmail, here's the 
lsof output:

root@lyta:/etc/selinux# lsof | grep 519039
kmail     21368   rjc   24u  sock        0,0              519039 can't 
identify protocol

So, what might this be?  Where did this file handle get opened?

Naturally it should have been set to close on exec...

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