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Re: KMail "precommand"

Quoting Jay Kline <list@slushpupie.com>:

| I have been trying to set up ssh tunneling for my POP accounts, and have had
| no success as of yet.

What is the utility of using this kind of "precommand" ?

If I am right, you are trying to connect to a pop/ssl account, and kmail 
already knows howto do that.

Just create a pop account and set the 'security' options.

|   On KDE3 I can use the precommand
| ssh -f -x -L1100: user@mailhost "sleep 15 && exit"

Take a look at the -N option of ssh
BTW if you really want a tunnel you should try stunnel

| with the host field set to localhost and port to 1100. And that works great
| (the sleep is to allow enough time for KMail to open the connection before it
| closes).  But when I try the same thing on KDE2.2.2 (Kmail 1.3.2) it fails,
| saying it cannot connect to localhost.  Is this a bug in the older Kmail 
| clients or is the behavior different?  Does anyone know if Kmail's precommand
| requires an interactive session or if backgrounding ssh is the proper thing
| to do?
| Jay

Hope this helps,


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