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Konsole, Home/End and bash (was: Re: gcc 3.1 and KDE3)

On Monday 20 May 2002 03:06, Chris Cheney wrote:

> > Another problems I have with KDE3 (with gcc 2.95 too):
> >
> > - I can see jpegs images in preview nor desktop wallpaper but int
> > konqueror works well
> >
> > - Home and end keys in konsole doesn't work (I have tried all layouts)
> Use a decent shell, bash is broken... see bts. If I remember correctly
> zsh is supposed to work. A work around for bash is ctrl-a ctrl-e instead
> of using the special keys.

What bug (in which of the two bts) are you referring to? I couldn't find a bug 
that implies that bash is broken. I doubt it because konsole is the ONLY 
terminal application I know that has these problems with bash.

FWIW, to fix konsole just change the following two lines in your 
default.Keytab (located in $KDEDIR/share/apps/konsole)

key Home  -Shift-AppCuKeys : "\E[H"
key End   -Shift-AppCuKeys : "\E[F"


key Home  -Shift-AppCuKeys : "\EOH"
key End   -Shift-AppCuKeys : "\EOF"

and Home and End will work again as expected.

> Chris


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