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Re: KDE 3.0.1 packages

> What's wrong with putting them up on people.debian.org? Branden does it
> with XFree86, ChrisC did it for a little while with previous kde test debs,
> Ben does it with his KDE3 packages, I'm about to do it with mine. Others do
> bits and pieces.
> I'd even be happy to stick what I got from geniussystems.net up under my
> own people.debian.org account.

Please do! Someone! I've got a nasty situation with apt: some packages that 
were on the Geniussystems' server need "-f install" and apt-get refuses to do 
practically anything else before I get those from somewhere. Is there, btw, 
any way to manually tweak the apt database?

- Jarno

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