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Re: Xinerama not recognized by KDE

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On Friday 17 May 2002 12:31 pm, Marcel Kossin wrote:
> with two Graphiccards in "Xinerama-Mode". After
> installing the latest kdelibs3 with apt-get I tried to use it with KDE
> but unfortunately it didn't Work.
> After starting kdm I have the login Window on one Monitor and the other
> Monitor only shows a naked X. After logging in KDE is started on the one
> screen. On the other screen appears a second KDE window. I can use the
> mice and the keyboard on both Monitors but each Monitor seems to show a
> single Session. It is not possible to Move Windows from one Monitor to
> the other. I can configure each Monitor (kicker, background, wallpaper,
> etc.) But I am logged in as the same user. I didn't see or use Xinerama
> on KDE before but I think that's not the right behaviour?!
> The other problem is that I can't use the Option "activate Xinerama" in
> "Window Behaviour". That means I can see the Options, but I can't use
> them.
> Are there some other Options that have to be activated?
> Are there some Hardwarelimitations? the second Graphiccard is running
> with a "vesa" Driver 'cause I didn't find a s3-Driver in XFree86

You will probably find that this is due to the QT 2 libraries are not compiled 
with Xinerama support. This probably will not be changed in woody. As for 
sid, QT3 (and KDE3) is currently compiled with Xinerama on i386. When KDE3 
enters sid, the optio should work. You may be able to get Ivan to enable 
Xinerama in Qt 2 for sid, but it may not be worth the hassle when KDE is just 
around the corner.

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