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Getting kde3 session type into kdm from KDE 2.2.2

OK, I just downloaded and installed the experimental KDE 3.0 debs from 
http://www.geniussystems.net/KDE3 Experimental/.

I'm still running KDE 2.2.2, straight from the official debs, and I DO NOT 
want it screwed up.  I do want to add a kde3 sesson to my kdm login screen 
(using kdm from KDE 2.2.2) so I can pick a kde2 session or kde3 session, and 
have either of them working without stepping on each other's toes.  What is 
the correct & most painless way to do this?

Ideally, the kde3 option would automagically execute 

	export KDEHOME=$HOME/.kde3

	export KDEDIR=/opt/kde3

	export PATH=/opt/kde3/bin:$PATH

	export PREFERRED=/opt/kde3/bin/startkde

so the system Does The Right Thing instead of mixing in kde2 stuff, while the 
kde2 option runs KDE 2.2.2 as if nothing ever happened.

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