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about qonk 3.0.1 Adding secondlife viewer to Debian games SVN Re: Any Debian Legal experts going to 2008? Best practices for changelogs btanks 0.6 is out Re: Bug#440227: ITP: silvertree -- high quality 3D RPG for a single player RE: Bug#452570: ultrastar-ng.desktop points to an inexisting .xpm file Re: Bug#xxx: conquest DM-upload-allowed header for prboom (was Re: DM-upload-allowed) DM-upload-allowed (was Re: about qonk 3.0.1) Re: Fixed.. foobillard Debian patches, bugs Goplay still out of testing Help with a japanese license for music in a videogame impressions from someone looking for a game Initial commit fo One Is Enough Introduction Re: Help with a japanese license for music in a videogame lxdoom and prboom New member in the Team: Mario Iseli New version of Ultrastar NG ogreal packages Re: old homepage pseudo-field (future mass-bug filing?) Re: OpenAL in AMD64 original simcity to be GPLed patch for btanks prboom icons: a thought Quick Summary of findings on ClanLib 0.8 RE: r4793 - packages/trunk/prboom/debian Removing the Homepage pseudo-headers in the descriptions Request for comments/help: conquest Request for comments/help: quake2 RE: Request for help: Secondlife viewer Request for packages to sponsor RFS: alien-arena and alien-arena-data (updated package) RFS: kanatest 0.4.4 RFS: lincity-ng/1.1.2-1 (Was: Bug#449367: New upstream release fixes important bugs) RFS: parsec47 and val-and-rick (Kenta Cho's Abstract Shooters) RFS: pingus/0.7.2-1 Re: RFS: pingus/0.7.2-1 / lincity being taken care of Re: RFS: prboom (updated package) Stepping out [VAC] Undetermined Vegastrike and copyright problems warzone2100 stuff Warzone needing some love? Watch Files The last update was on 19:18 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 186 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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