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Re: about qonk 3.0.1

Martín Ferrari wrote:
Hi Barry, I just saw your commit on qonk. I wanted to ask you about
the solution to the compilation problem, have you tried the patch
referenced in the upstream's bts [0]? It looks way less intrusive,
although I'm not sure if it's enough. In any case it is not that
important, since we can remove the patch after upstream solves it.

The other question was that I was thinking about adding the
DM-upload-allowed control flag, since now I'm DM; but I'm still not
sure how's the best way to handle that with comaintained packages. Are
you a DD or DM already?

[0] http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1794497&group_id=191854&atid=939049

PS: Please CC me.

No the patch on the site doesn't go far enough and to be honest I don't think what they are doing is incorrect. Ben has submitted the patch to their site. I also tried svn but it looks like they have compeletely removed the menumanager stuff (though not out of the makefiles).

Unfortunately no, I am not a DD nor DM, nor will I probably ever be but feel free to add the DM tag :)


Barry deFreese

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