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Re: Bug#440227: ITP: silvertree -- high quality 3D RPG for a single player

Murat Senel wrote:
Tuesday 20 November 2007 Tarihinde 06:27:35 yazmıştı:
OK, it's in svn.  It has a couple of problems though.  The upstream
tarball is jacked.  You can't run make distclean because it tries to
remove non-existent .deps dir and files.  It also includes object and
binary executable in the editor dir.  Oh, and some svn tagged
Makefiles.  I've pinged the author about this one.

I can't get it to run either.  I know what the problem is but am having
a hard time fixing it.  The scenario.cfg file has hardcoded relative
paths, looking for other config files in data/...   I think this one is
just my stupidity.

With these two, patch, I can run silvertree. Maybe it helps. But as you said, it still has some bugs. Game executable can be built with make but silvertreeeditor needs "scons editor" since it doesnt work with "make".


Barry deFreese


Thanks. I could try to build the editor with scons I suppose. I'll give your patch a shot, thanks for sending it! If I get this in any type of usable state, would you be interested in testing the package for me even if it isn't ready for prime time yet?

Thanks again!

Barry deFreese

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