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impressions from someone looking for a game


as some might have missed this on irc, I thought I post it here, too:

<h01ger> hi
<h01ger> today i was looking for fretsonfire, but thought it was spelled freds 
on fire, so google was not helpful, and i was away from home too, so i 
couldnt access mail+irc...
<h01ger> so i looked at the debian wiki
<h01ger> which has the games team homepage
<h01ger> and found it all very developer centric, which is good and 
understandable, but i still missed a user/player section
<h01ger> i mean, games are for players and not for people packaging games :) 
(for them also...)
<bdefreese> Well the Games Team is for packagers not players so.. :-)
<h01ger> eg, http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Team is not helpful for someone 
looking for games to play
<h01ger> http://wiki.debian.org/Portal_Games is really almost empty
<bdefreese> So create some pages for users :)
* h01ger wonders if its a good idea to add a link to 
from http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Team
<h01ger> bdefreese, i dont wanna get involved in Debian-Games, i'm overbusy 
with debconf-orga, debconf-video, debian-edu, fai, my packages, debian-qa and 
other stuff :)
<h01ger> i just wanted to tell you this user experience
<bdefreese> Fair enough :-)
* h01ger added this link now to http://wiki.debian.org/Games/Team
<h01ger> another idea, which is very useful for debian-edu: we get commit 
mails to our commit mailinglist for all wiki edits below wiki.d.o/DebianEdu - 
this has often let to people seeing some edits, and improving them, or making 
new ones
<h01ger> and as the wiki is your webpage...
<h01ger> (dunno if you have this already)

please cc: me, I'm not subscribed..


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