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Re: Request for packages to sponsor

Andres Mejia wrote:
> I've mentioned this already, vegastrike uses the debian boost
> libraries. src/boost* code could be removed, but then another orig
> tarball will have to be uploaded. I think it's easier to just use
> what's written in the copyright file of the debian boost libraries.

  I think I'll repackage. It doesn't really matter as the tarball isn't
an 'upstream' tarball anyway. I'll make the appropriate changes to the
SVN repository tonight, and I'll upload it. It will take two RC bugs
down, even if the problem of conflicting copyrights is still there.

> I mentioned that this looks to have two copyright owners, both
> licensing their work under different terms. It's probably best to ask
> about this in debian-legal.

  Would you want to do it ? There is no emergency, as I will upload a
new version anyway. We should not wait too long - we have no interest to
keep vegastrike out of testing.



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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