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Best practices for changelogs


  alien-arena was rejected yesterday, for a very simple reason: I
uploaded the 6.10-2 version when no 6.10-1 was uploaded, and I simply
forgot to add the right options to dpkg-buildpackage to make sure the
source would be included in the upload. This is due to the fact that the
-2 revision was used by Andres to make it clear that the package had
been updated with respect to the -1 revision.

  There is my question: is 'silent' changelog entries fine ? By silent,
I means changelog entries that do not correspond to any upload to
debian. There are two aspects about this:

  * I know that when I was myself sponsored, I tended to want to do
this, first because I wasn't sure that mentors.debian.net would accept a
second upload with the same version, and second because it was more
clear for me, and I thought it would be more visible to potential uploaders.

  * on the other hand, dealing with 'skipped' debian revisions is
painful for the uploader:
  - you need to specify the -v(last_uploaded_version_number) option to
  - and, as was the case for alien-arena, you shouldn't forget the -sa
when the -1 revision was skipped.
  This isn't much, but I've just proven it is error-prone ;-)...

  So what about silent or skipped changelog entries ? Is that fine, or
should we try to avoid that as much as possible ?


	Vincent, who finally (hopefully) uploaded alien-arena correctly ;-)...

Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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