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Re: Introduction

  Hello all,

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> As suggested by Tolimar, there goes my introduction. You probably know
> me already, but just in case. I also want to encourage everyone in the
> Team to post a brief intro on themselves, and also (if they want)
> other people in the mailing list that might be interested in the
> project.

  So, I'll go on... But I'll make it much shorter: I don't know if
Miriam speaks a lot, but I'll definitely speak less ;-)...

  I'm Vincent Fourmond, scientist on a post-doctoral position in
Marseille, somewhere between physics, biology and chemistry. I've been
involved in Debian Development for a couple of years now, and I
successfully finished my NM process half a year ago.

  I have very inconstant interest in games: I can be playing quite a lot
strategy games (freeciv and assimilated) for a long period and then
nothing. I also like 'easy' games, the ones you just play for five to
ten minutes (shoot-em-up, puzzles).

  I have joined the Debian Games team really recently (for freecol), and
I think I'm currently making myself useful by filing RC bugs, fixing
some, and most importantly (for you) uploading packages.

  I also happen to program a lot, mostly in ways related to my work. I'm
fluent in Ruby, C, C++ and Perl, but my language of predilection is Ruby.

  Thanks for having read this so far ;-)


Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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