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Re: prboom icons: a thought

On 11/9/07, Jon Dowland <lists@alcopop.org> wrote:
> I was thinking about adding an icon to prboom and how to go
> about doing it. Recently gothicx provided one that I had to
> remove as it was derived from the copyright doom graphics.
> The next logical thought would be "well let's use a freedoom
> sprite then!" However, that doesn't represent the original
> doom very well and that might be what people play.
> Then it occurred to me that really, when you play "doom",
> you aren't playing just the engine, or just the data, but
> the combination of the two. So, in terms of desktop entries
> and icons, you'd probably want one for each combination of
> engine/data available.

Seems more sensible to me to have the engine selectable in
/etc/alternatives, and then have the data packages install one
entry/icon each that uses the alternative.

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