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Re: Adding secondlife viewer to Debian games SVN

Paul "TBBle" Hampson wrote:
> Robin Cornelius wrote:
>> The code is GPL licensed so can go into main.
> Oh, hold that thought slightly. Has the license on the art tarball
> changed? If not, then it can't go in main, since the art package is
> non-free (CC-2 of some derivation).
> It'd have to go in contrib.

/me sighs

Ok there is no point emailing licensing at linden labs about this as all
mails there seem to go to /dev/null.

I will see if I can confirm the status and table this as an agenda point
at the next open source meeting. That should be Thursday 22nd so if this
is true its worth holding off an SVN commit until this is verified so we
know if we can go main or contrib.


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