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Re: Fixed..

* Marco Rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt> [2007-11-06 15:27:38 CET]:
> Citando Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at>:
> >* Marco Rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt> [2007-11-05 14:17:28 CET]:
> >>Version: 1.1.1-2
> >>
> >>It's already been fixed...
> >
> > Can you pretty please be a bit more verbose in your mails? You know
> >that the original reporters are getting those, and your extremely terse
> >mails are not really helping - I would rather expect the original
> >reporter to be seriously confused by them.
> >
> > Adding the package name to that mail shouldn't be too hard, for a
> >start. Many people submit multiple bugreports to different packages and
> >if you don't even mention which package you are talking about in your
> >mails it is a bit of unhelpful. Often adding the changelog entry in
> >which the Closes: was missing is a good idea, too.
> Hi!
> I'll try to be more verbose in my e-mail's to close bugs and add the  
> Package: field when send to NNN-done@...

 Thanks. Please keep in mind that the mail in its own should be able to
be understandable /without/ the need to go to bugs.debian.org for
looking up what was going on. This doesn't only relate to mails to -done
nor does it only apply to you from what I remember -- this is more a
thing of general style. We have the relevant informations at hand when
writing to the BTS and the bug reports, so we shouldn't hide them from
them and require them to make sense of what they get.

> I don't understand the part of adding the Closes to the changelog if  
> the bug is old, or if the package that fix it is already been released..

 The thing is, if it was fixed with some already released upload but the
closes in the changelog was missing, the changelog should already be
quite helpful to the bug submitter on its own, so adding that as an
additional benefit is a good idea. If it only states for the bugreport
that it did package a new upstream version it can be argued, granted.

 Always keep in mind that mails to the BTS are something the users will
propably read, and should be as helpful and complete in the messages on
their own as possible.

 So long,

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