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Vegastrike and copyright problems


  I was wondering if someone is (in charge of|particularly attached
to|very interested in|mostly responsible for the packaging of)
vegastrike. There are a couple of serious issues I filed recently:

  * missing information in debian/copyright (#445048), which I did start
to update in the SVN;
  * a nasty licence conflict within two of the files I came across while
surveying copyright notices (#449475).

  The latter cannot be resolved by anything else than removing and
therefore potentially reimplementing. So far, I got no answer
whatsoever. There is no rush, but here is the information I'd like to
get from people more knowledgeable than me in vegastrike packaging:

  * Are the src/boost* files actually used for building ? I had the
impression it is building against the debian libboost. If they are not,
they could be removed from the package: that would save both space and
hundreds of useless copyright notices (and as the package is already
repackaged, that doesn't matter much).
  * Are the src/cmd/collide/prapid.* file also used ? IMHO, these files
make vegastrike distribution illegal, which is somehow awkward.
  * Apparenly, version 0.4.3.debian-2 (and maybe -3) was REJECTED. Is
that true ? Why ? I couldn't find a REJECT mail on the pkg-games lists.

  As I mentioned before, these issues are not extremely urgent, but that
would be nice to resolve them before, say, Christmas ;-) ?


Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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