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Re: Adding secondlife viewer to Debian games SVN

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Robin Cornelius wrote:
> If no one objects, i would like to introduce the Secondlife viewer
> (slviewer) package to the games SVN on alioth.

> The package is quite clean in the fact that the upstream original
> tarball is unmodified and only patched using dpatch at build time and
> that all graphics are in a separate package entirely. So that should
> mean only the diff.gz containing the debian packaging info and the
> patches is in the SVN tree.

Hmm. I have to look up svn-buildpackage now. ^_^

> The code is GPL licensed so can go into main.

Oh, hold that thought slightly. Has the license on the art tarball
changed? If not, then it can't go in main, since the art package is
non-free (CC-2 of some derivation).

It'd have to go in contrib.

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