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Re: RFS: prboom (updated package)

Jon Dowland wrote:
> Thanks for the CC Miriam or I may have missed this!
> Right now I have a prboom package I was about to upload to mentors which
> Moritz was going to sponsor. It Replaces: lxdoom as we're trying to get
> that out of the archive. So this is interesting timing.
> I'd appreciate it if all packages that are requested to be sponsored
> were based on the package that is currently in SVN, as I'm sure every
> games team member appreciates! :-)
> Regarding Marco's improvements to the package: I kept the desktop file
> that he added to SVN but I reverted the icon for copyvio reasons. I can
> understand that being a simple mistake. I also had to revert the
> addition of an install file that actually caused the package to FTBFS.
> That was mildly irritating as it suggested that the check-in to trunk
> wasn't tested, but is explained by Marco's relative newness to SVN.

I current don't have SVN access, and I'm removed from uploaders in some
packages, like pingus. You need to remove debian/menu, because you created the
debian/prboom.menu. Also you need to create the debian/prboom.install to install
the desktop file, because it currently doesn't install.

I cannot commit these changes.. so please fix it!

> Marco: I'm not following the situation with regards your SVN access, but
> assuming you have it back now (or in the future), would you mind making
> commits into a branch? I'll happily cherry-pick them across to trunk,
> and I just ask this whilst you get to grips with SVN.
> As for the other changes that are not committed, there's no real rush on
> package uploads at the moment, so I'd like to wait until the next
> version for those, and get them into SVN first (so someone else can test
> them too).

I think we need to wait for you to say "it's ready for upload" to process it.
But I'm not part of the team now, so it's your decision..


Marco Rodrigues


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