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Re: Vegastrike and copyright problems

On Nov 6, 2007 7:36 PM, Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org> wrote:
>   Hello,
>   I was wondering if someone is (in charge of|particularly attached
> to|very interested in|mostly responsible for the packaging of)
> vegastrike. There are a couple of serious issues I filed recently:
>   * missing information in debian/copyright (#445048), which I did start
> to update in the SVN;
>   * a nasty licence conflict within two of the files I came across while
> surveying copyright notices (#449475).
>   The latter cannot be resolved by anything else than removing and
> therefore potentially reimplementing. So far, I got no answer
> whatsoever. There is no rush, but here is the information I'd like to
> get from people more knowledgeable than me in vegastrike packaging:
>   * Are the src/boost* files actually used for building ? I had the
> impression it is building against the debian libboost. If they are not,
> they could be removed from the package: that would save both space and
> hundreds of useless copyright notices (and as the package is already
> repackaged, that doesn't matter much).

vegastrike builds against debian libboost. Removing src/boost* however
would mean uploading a new orig tarball again. I don't think it's
worth the trouble as uploading a new orig tarball is most likely to be
rejected than just fixing the copyright file.

>   * Are the src/cmd/collide/prapid.* file also used ? IMHO, these files
> make vegastrike distribution illegal, which is somehow awkward.

I'm sure they're used. I would ask debian-legal about whether this is legal.

>   * Apparenly, version 0.4.3.debian-2 (and maybe -3) was REJECTED. Is
> that true ? Why ? I couldn't find a REJECT mail on the pkg-games lists.

They were never uploaded. It's just a way to inform debian mentors
what changes have been done at each upload to mentors.debian.net.

>   As I mentioned before, these issues are not extremely urgent, but that
> would be nice to resolve them before, say, Christmas ;-) ?

I guess I'm one of those people "particularly attached to" this
package, only since I've looked into fixing a lot of bugs for
vegastrike. I'm not interested in fixing anymore bugs for vegastrike
right now. If anyone wants to take care of fixing all other issues
with vegastrike, feel free.
Andres Mejia

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