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RE: Bug#452570: ultrastar-ng.desktop points to an inexisting .xpm file

--- Emmet Hikory <emmet.hikory@gmail.com> escribió:

> On Nov 30, 2007 4:52 PM, Mario Bonino wrote:
> > It would be nice to find a common solution for this. What do you think
> > is better, to use the .desktop file and icons in debian or the ones from
> > upstream ?
>     In my opinion, upstream .desktop files are usually preferable,
> although they may need to be patched to meet current specifications.
> Further, it is nice when the .desktop file does not specify an icon
> extension, so that the window manager can select from the available
> icons that match the basename.

I've fixed upstream's desktop file via quilt now. There are some other changes
to newer version, already commited to SVN.



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