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Re: Introduction

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> As suggested by Tolimar, there goes my introduction. You probably know
> me already, but just in case. I also want to encourage everyone in the
> Team to post a brief intro on themselves, and also (if they want)
> other people in the mailing list that might be interested in the
> project.

Just though i would say Hi too, Just busy to reply before now. So here's
my intro :-

I'm not currently a member of the games team but have started lurking on
the list recently for reasons that will be come apparent.

About me, i'm a electronics/magnetics/software engineer (a bit of
everything really), if anybody is that interested i can send a link to
my companies web site so you can see what we make.

Been a Debian user for many years and a linux user even longer. I have
helped with various open source projects where i can and active with my
local LUG.

Would like to work towards becoming a Debian developer.

My main interest is with Secondlife http://www.secondlife.com a MMORPG
or a virtual world, my interest has grown since first joining in
February 2007. I'm now an active developer/tester and very keen to get
secondlife into Debian. I am working on this along with Paul Hampson
(who has done most of the package work so far). I am currently trying to
get some of the missing dependencies into Debain.

If i can resolve some licensing issues then the plan is to use the
available svn for hosting the debian version of the secondlife viewer
and it would make sense to use the games SVN so that other experience DD
can contribute too.


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