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warzone2100 stuff

Hi all,

I was wondering what was happening with the QuesoGLC ITP (443055),
which is needed for a new SVN snapshot of warzone2100. I ended up
having this conversation with Freddie Witherden (EvilGuru):

<pabs3> is Giel van Schijndel <me@mortis.eu> in this channel?
<EvilGuru> pabs3: He goes under the alias <Giel> and is normally
around most days
<pabs3> ok, thanks. I wanted to ask him the status of his QuesoGLC
Debian package, so we can update warzone in Debian
<EvilGuru> I believe it is ready/usable
<pabs3> ah, cool
<EvilGuru> Is a snapshot of the SVN repo planned for sid?
<pabs3> we have an old snapshot in sid at the moment, but it crashes
when opening saved files, so I want to do an update
<EvilGuru> I think saving/loading of games is mostly functional now
<EvilGuru> although the file format has been changed slightly, so
current saves will not work
<pabs3> what do you mean by "current saves"?
<EvilGuru> any existing save games will not load (unless they were
created in a very new revision)
<EvilGuru> I believe a patch committed a couple of weeks ago changed the format
<pabs3> yep, expected as much. are there any more format changes planned?
<EvilGuru> Indeed
<EvilGuru> Currently Per (another dev) is working on a tagfile format,
which will completely replace the current one
<pabs3> ok
<EvilGuru> Although chances are the current save game code will still be around
<pabs3> ok. I'm kinda thinking that we should keep warzone out of
testing until a new stable branch (2.1.x/2.2.x I imagine) is released.
any thoughts on when that might be?
<EvilGuru> 2.1 is planned for around Christmas
<EvilGuru> maybe a few weeks late, as there is still some stuff to do
<EvilGuru> only problem with an SVN revision in testing is that
chances are we will get a lot of bugs filed against it (which is
harder to deal with than a separate branch)
<pabs3> EvilGuru: July 2008 is the testing freeze for lenny, so
Jan/Feb 2008 would be good timing for warzone 2.1 I think
<pabs3> EvilGuru: btw, mind if I forward this conversation to the
Debian games team?
<EvilGuru> Please
<pabs3> thanks
<EvilGuru> 2.1 will also feature complete 64-bit support
<pabs3> nice :D



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