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Re: Request for comments/help: quake2

> Here are the the lintian errors/warnings I'm struggling with:
> E: quake2: shlib-with-non-pic-code usr/lib/games/quake2/ref_softsdl.so
> W: quake2: shlib-with-executable-stack usr/lib/games/quake2/ref_softsdl.so
> E: quake2: shlib-with-non-pic-code usr/lib/games/quake2/ref_soft.so
> W: quake2: shlib-with-executable-stack usr/lib/games/quake2/ref_soft.so
> E: quake2: shlib-with-non-pic-code usr/lib/games/quake2/ref_softx.so
> W: quake2: shlib-with-executable-stack usr/lib/games/quake2/ref_softx.so
> I've added CFLAGS += -fPIC -DPIC to rules but that didn't help and it
> doesn't appear to be using -Wl,shared.

this problem may be related to the fact that the xlibs-pic library,
which appears to be a dependency of quakeforge was removed after the
sarge release.

> Also, if anyone has any thoughts on bug  #280573 it would help.  It has
> a huge patch attached for the security vulnerabilities.

it may be easier to package r1q2 (http://www.r1ch.net/stuff/r1q2/),
which has all of the security vulnerabilities fixed and is still
maintained.  it's unclear whether quakeforge is even maintained
anymore (http://www.quakeforge.net/) -- a message saying "we're back"
in march, then nothing.


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