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Re: Stepping out

(This email is targeted toward newbies and those in the list who are
still lurking around. Senior developers can safely ignore it)

Please, if anyone in the list is a bit scared of making mistakes, of
anyone getting angry, or for whatever reason does not feel the list,
irc channel or the Team in general is friendly or welcoming, or if
some person in the Team scares you, please send me and email (unless
it's me you're scared of, I guess) and I'll try to help you. Don't
worry about me telling anyone, I won't.

I'd just like the team to be a friendly and welcoming place to
everyone who wants to help, and it seems that it might be a bit tense
lately. I know it can be scary sometimes when you're a newbie, I've
been there too, and one of the main reasons I'm still in Debian is
that some people helped me to believe in myself and lose my fear. One
of the most important things I'd like to see in Debian is that newbie
developers feel comfortable. It doesn't really matter if they would do
a lot of stuff or just a few minor things, all the help is welcome.
And I'd like Debian to be friendly and welcoming just for the sake of
it. As I said, if you're afraid to make mistakes that might annoy some
senior developers, count on me for advice.

Greetings, and kisses everyone,

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